Fifteen years after falling in love with dance music and beginning his career as a DJ, Huggie is supplying the beats to dance music lovers everywhere. Voted as one of the most "In Demand" DJs in North America and beyond. Huggie has conquered the US & Canada with his unique sets, and now is working on similar successes in Europe. His monthly residency at the "BASEMENT" in Milwaukee and a resident DJ for Boogie Tribe (Chicago), Go Ventures (LA) and a member of the talented Deceptikon Unit (Madison), proves that he peaks interest all over the country. It is hard to pinpoint Huggie's unique set's and call them Trance, Techno or House.
His talents will take you to the realms of each genre, combined together as one seamlessly to educate those that think a DJ has to play only one style. Huggie has been known to take a crowd out of their monotonous movement and build them back into a frenzy making his closing sets a thing to look forward to. A DJ who truly enjoys 4 to 8 hour sets and strives to avoid recycling the "hits." Having spun with some of the greatest the world has to offer (such as Carl Cox, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Daft Punk, Frankie Bones, Claude Young, Goldie, LTJ Bukem, Adam F, Kenny Glasgow, Terrence Parker, Derrick May, Paul Johnson, Felix the House Kat, Roy DavisJr., mention some), Huggie is recognized as one of the top LA DJ's and a skilled musical craftsman all over the world.